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About fly ash bricks or Introduction :-

Fly Ash bricks are made of fly ash, lime, gypsum and sand. These can be extensively used in all building construction activities similar to that of common burnt clay bricks. The fly ash bricks are comparatively lighter in weight and stronger than common clay bricks. Since fly ash is being accumulated as waste material in large quantity near thermal power plants and creating serious environmental pollution problems, its utilisation as main raw material in the manufacture of bricks will not only create ample opportunities for its proper and useful disposal but also help in environmental pollution control to a greater extent in the surrounding areas of power plants. In view of superior quality and Eco-friendly nature, and government support the demand for Fly Ash Bricks has picked up.

Fly Ash Brick Composition( By Volume):-

For medium Quality:-

  • Fly Ash 50%
  • Sludge Lime 20%
  • Sand 20%
  • Gypsum 8-10%
  1. Fly Ash 55%
  2. Hydrated Lime 10%
  3. Crushed Stone 30%
  4. Gypsum 5-7%



For Strong Quality:-

  • Fly Ash 40%
  • Sludge Lime 20%
  • Sand 30%
  • Gypsum 8-10%
  1. Fly Ash 40%
  2. Hydrated Lime 10%
  3. Crushed Stone 40-42%
  4. Gypsum 5-7%

Check quality and strength after 20 days..


Raw Materials Price:-

  1. Fly ash: Rs. 400 – 800 per ton(Depend upon your location).
  2. Sand:  Rs. 6 – 15 per square feet(Depend upon your location).
  3. Lime: Rs. 1800 – 3500 per ton(Depend upon your location).
  4. Gypsum: Rs. 1100 – 1500 per ton(Depend upon your location).


Process of Manufacture or fly ash brick making process :-

Fly ash, lime sand and gypsum are manually fed into a pan mixer where water is added in the required proportion for intimate mixing. The proportion of the raw material is generally in the ratio 60-80% of fly ash 10-20% lime, 10% Gypsum and 10% sand, depending upon the quality of raw materials. After mixing, the mixture is shifted to the hydraulic/mechanical presses. The bricks are carried on wooden pellets to the open area where they are dried and water cured for 21 days. The bricks are tested and sorted before dispatch.

Plant and Machinery / Equipment Details:-

  1. Pan Mixture.
  2. Conveyor belt.
  3. Press Machine.

Suggested :- 10 Bricks machine.

This unit has mechanised pan mixers and hydraulic brick making machines for the production of fly ash bricks and blocks.

Properties :-

  1. Size : 9″ x 4.33″ x 3″ (230 x 110 x 75 mm)(fly ash bricks dimensions)
  2. Colour : Cement Gray
  3. Bulk Density : 1550 Kg/m3
  4. Unit Weight : 3.0 – 3.2 Kg.
  5. Water Absorption : 15 – 20%
  6. Crushing Strength : 100 – 120 Kg/m2
  7. Free lime content : Less Than 0.2%
Fly ash bricks plant machine price process ratio pdf project report

Fly ash brick standard size


  1. Zero efflorescence.
  2. High compressive strength.
  3. Low water absorption.
  4. High strength to weight ratio.
  5. Consume less mortar in construction.
  6. No emission of green house gases during production.
  7. Dimensional accuracy through uniform shape.

Advantages of Fly ash sand-Lime bricks:-

  1. Uniform size, require less quantity cement mortar.
  2. Can be used as facing bricks without any external plastering.
  3. Lower bulk density.
  4. More resistant to salinity and water seepage.
  5. Utilisation of waste and conservation of soils.
  6. Saving in fuel.
Fly ash bricks plant machine price process ratio pdf project report

Fly ash bricks


Characteristics of Fly ash-Sand-Lime bricks:-

  1. Bricks are of uniform size and shape.
  2. High wet compressive strength.
  3. Low drying shrinkage.
  4. They are free from efflorescence.
  5. The quality of fly ash sand lime brick is found to be superior to conventional burnt clay bricks in some respects such as water absorption, crushing strength, etc.
  6. The bricks are also lighter as compared to burnt clay bricks.

Advantages of Fly ash-Sand Lime Bricks over Clay-Bricks:-

  1. Lower requirement of water in construction.
  2. Elimination of plastering from outside wall.
  3. More resistance to salinity and water.

A. Raw Materials Supplier’s :-

  1. Fly ash – Nearest thermal power plant.
  2. Gypsum – Its depend upon your location.
  3. Lime stone, river sand and crusher dust are available from the local dealers.

How to own and start an enterprise:-

  1. Market demand analysis.
  2. Raw material analysis.
  3. Transport analysis.
  4. Land.
  5. Register firm.
  6. Register firm and get VAT / TIN / GST / CST number.
  7. Bank Loan process.
  8. Environment clearance certificate.
  9. Apply for electricity connection.
  10. Machine purchase process.
  11. Hire labour.
  12. Prepare brick sample and test them.


Where is setup an enterprise:-

  • Near to raw material.
  • Near to market.
  • Low transport cost.


Subsidies available to setting up a brick enterprises:-

  1. 15% (Plant Cost 25 lakh-90 lakh).
  2. 15%-35%( Upto 25 Lakh).

Suggestion for your to setup new fly ash bricks plant:- 

  • Invest maximum 13 lakhs in plant setup including machinery and you must invest more then 12 lakhs only for raw material, electricity bill, labour salary and other.
  • Buy 10 brick machine with 150 tone pressure. Machine price or cost not more then 13 lakhs.
  • Buy Tata 1109 truck. approx price 10 lakhs.
  • Try to make maximum bricks stock.
  • Suggested electricity connection load is less then 25 HP(No need separate transformer).
  • Call me for more suggestion +91-9413143411.

Fly ash brick cost:-

  1. Fly ash brick cost depend upon row material and labour cost.
  2. (Approx) Fly ash brick cost in Jaipur Rajasthan – 3.5 Rupees per piece – factory price
  3. (Approx) Fly ash brick cost in Lucknow Up – 4.5 Rupees per piece – factory price

Machinery and Equipments / Fly ash brick making machine manufacturers:-

Before buying machine you must know all about machine capacity, brick size, press machine pressure, electricity power and much more. You can call  me for free advice and suggestions @ +91 94 131 434 11..

External Links:-

Download PDF files for more information:-

  1. Fly ash brick manufacturing plant project report Download Pdf files – Click here.
  2. Fly ash bricks project report for bank loan download pdf Files – Click here.

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